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#3 by Anna 24.02.2016Оценка

We ordered a taxi a few times. Everyone is happy. Convenient, that they always have on duty at the airport and you can book a car on arrival. No need to wait, have time to meet the free hour or not. Of the minuses, the car with the child seat must be ordered for earlier. And Respect

#2 by Petr 15.02.2016Оценка

Three days three times enjoyed your taxi. Rated 4 +. Ordered a taxi from Perm to Sheremetyevo, reported only flight. Once landed called the driver immediately met. Volvo car arrived without problems even at the request of the driver stopped at the cafe for a meal in the hotel. Second trip HLW - Center, came a new E-class for 20 minutes, went in traffic jams but then you will not get any where, impressions are positive. The third center-VAO order arrived a day for about forty minutes, but called and warned that the driver is delayed - Hyundai reached without plugs 30-40 minutes. Generally positive experience, I hope this week will not spoil and then go to the airport soon. Please tell me how much better to book the car in aeoport

#1 by Olga 12.02.2016

Ordered three weeks ago on the 13th night for a meeting with the child seat wagon. Asked to send SMS for a day, what would be certain. Alas, something messed up with roaming and abroad that phone was not working. Flew back at random, keeping in mind that before everything was normal. When enabled phones at home - a lot of SMS came from friends and what we requested from the aircraft. Customs, and things get more calmly, and then the driver called. Price coincided with voice. Touring machine. Seat is available.

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